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Great Success for ResAlliance Launch at AGROSYM 2023

AGROSYM is an essential annual conference in the agriculture and forestry sector, held in Bosnia-Herzegovina for the past fourteen years. This high-profile event draws hundreds of attendees from the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Central Europe, and beyond. In 2023, AGROSYM took place at the Jahorina ski resort, near Sarajevo, from October 5 to 8. The conference saw a substantial online presence, with participants joining from as far away as the USA and East Asia.

The conference served as a valuable platform for presenting the ResAlliance project and launching its LandNet to a diverse audience, distinct from the one at the 8th International Wildland Fire Conference in Porto, Portugal, last May. A paper detailing the project, the LandNet, and the LandLabs was submitted, reviewed, accepted, and included in the conference proceedings.

On October 6, an oral presentation was delivered by Dr. Gavriil Xanthopoulos on behalf of the ResAlliance consortium during the conference session on “Environment protection and natural resources management.” Additionally, throughout the four-day event, active promotion of the project’s LandNet took place through the distribution of informative brochures and numerous one-on-one discussions with interested conference participants.

By enhancing the visibility of ResAlliance and the LandNet, as was achieved at AGROSYM 2023, there is optimism that the number of registered stakeholders can be expanded. This expansion is a crucial prerequisite for achieving the project’s goals related to mitigating the risks associated with climate change.