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We believe that only by working together we can achieve meaningful impact. That is why we created the LandNet and the LandLabs.


What is the LandNet?

The LandNet is a Mediterranean alliance on landscape resilience for forestry and agriculture. By engaging and training farmers, foresters, and other key stakeholders, the LandNet will continuously identify new cooperation and networks to improve and increase knowledge and good practices, also delivering an extensive range of easy-to-access material.

Connect with other professional and experts: join the LandNet!

Who can join the LandNet?


Farmers, foresters, researchers, experts and many more!


Private enterprises and organisations interested in innovative landscape resilience solutions

Public bodies

Public administrations, such as rural and regional administrations, dealing with landscape  and green areas planning in Mediterranean area.

By joining the LandNet you will also be able to register for the LandLabs.
You will be redirected to our Microsoft SharePoint registration form.